Meishan with power battery material co., LTD(Comply with the material for short)In2010Was registered in meishan,The registered capital20000Ten thousand yuan。Is a company would like to follow the ring economic philosophy,By the three yuan power battery material of precursor metal functional materials、Upstream raw materials of all kinds of energy metal precursor wet and pyrometallurgy、Research and development of waste battery recycling and recycling、Production、Sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises。Comply with the material strength,With a core of postdoctoral research and development institutions,The hydrometallurgy、Li-ion battery materials、Micron grade powder materials processing industry first-class technical talent and expert consultants,And with many colleges and universities、Scientific research institutes established close relations of cooperation,The construction of advanced product line and equipped with first-class experimental testing equipment。Create a well-trained、Experienced technical team with high quality。Independent optimization developed environmental protection and energy saving“All wet oxygen pressure leaching”Technology,And mastered...

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Johnson ferroalloys(Group)King co., LTD. Johnson and metal materials co., LTD. Environmental protection relocation project, technical transformation(The first phase) Water and soil conservation facilities acceptance of the public


According to the《Ministry of water resources on strengthening matter afterwards supervision specification production and construction project of water and soil conservation facilities independent acceptance notice》(Soil conservation[2017]365Number)And《Forwarding of sichuan provincial water resources bureau of water resources on strengthening...

Meishan comply with power battery material co., LTD., laterite nickel ore process development and validation test facilities technical renovation project environmental impact assessment of the public for the first time


Meishan with power battery material co., LTD. Commissioned sichuan brocade beauty environmental protection co., LTD., to undertake“Laterite nickel ore process development and validation test facilities technological upgrading projects”The environmental impact report preparation work,The root...

Go together Create a better future—Meishan adaptation2019In the New Year annual meeting was held successfully


The law back chunhui,Vientiane before updating。2019Years1Month25Day,Meishan adaptation“2019In the New Year”In meishan city dongpo area feels ashamed springs, river cafe。Around“Go together Create a better future”的...